In 1950 Bill, Johnny, and Francis Dolinsky started growing produce in their home town of Weatherly, PA.  In 1957 they began growing nursery stock, in the midst of continuing to grow produce until 1962.  The first tree dug by the brothers was a White Dogwood.  As the demand for nursery stock grew and the economy changed they developed their business to meet the needs of the market.  In 1980, the company Dolinsky Brothers used to supply the wire baskets needed to package their nursery stock, went bankrupt.  This produced an opportunity for Dolinsky Brothers to meet a demand that no longer had a supplier, with that being said the brothers began manufacturing their own wire baskets in 1980.


Presently, Dolinsky Brothers grows its' nursery stock on 1,200 acres in Northeast PA and has a variety of nursery stock including: evergreens and shade trees.  The company currently supplies numerous East Coast nurseries with baskets and stocks a large inventory of burlap, twine and other nursery supplies. Thankfully, relationships have been developed with customers that are long lasting and honest, allowing Dolinsky Brothers to remain in business with some of the same people for over 50 years.  


A Brief History

Wholesale Nursery Stock (B&B)